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If you’re looking for a fast and easy way of measuring temperature, DeltaTrak’s line of waterproof infrared thermometers may be just what you’re looking for.

Because every object gives off invisible infrared energy, DeltaTrak’s infrared (IR) thermometers have sensors that detect and measure the amount of infrared energy. From this measurement, the temperature of the object is calculated in an instant—without ever touching it.

There are many advantages of using infrared technology for measuring temperature. Objects may be far away, too hard to reach, too hot to get close to, or are moving, i.e., via a conveyor belt. IR thermometers also do not need to touch the object which can prevent contamination or damage via puncturing. The extremely fast response time allows you to work quickly when large quantities of product must be inspected.

The IR thermometer might be used to measure grill temperature to ensure pre-heating or the oven temperature in a bakery or the various display cases in a supermarket. The DeltaTrak IR thermometers may also serve as a valuable screening tool for measuring temperature of large batches. To learn more, contact your DeltaTrak sales representative to see how IR thermometers can help your business.

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The Produce Team focuses on the management, measurement, and monitoring of optimal temperature levels from the “field to the fork”.

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