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If you like DeltaTrak’s FlashLink® In-Transit Real-Time Mini Loggers, you might also benefit from the new FlashLink Reusable Real-Time Mini Data Logger. Both the In-Transit RTL Mini Logger and Reusable RTL Mini Logger include a built-in GSM chip to provide not only real-time temperature and humidity but also location data during the trip.

All of this data is available in real-time to the shipper throughout the trip via any computing device with Internet access. Real-time trip data is stored and immediately available to you via a cloud-based service. There is no need to physically open vehicle doors to access the information.

While the in-transit model is for single use, the Reusable RTL Mini Logger can be used trip after trip. This product is ideal for use in a closed loop delivery scenario, truck pre-cool solution or any number of applications where you want to get real-time data on your commodities.

During truck cool-down, the Reusable RTL Mini Logger monitors and reports truck temperature data to a cloud-based dashboard where it’s always visible. The logger alarm limit can be set to the loading temperature and an alert sent so that dock supervisors know which trucks are ready, thereby streamlining the loading process.

Why not contact your DeltaTrak salesperson to see if the Reusable RTL Mini Logger is right for you?

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