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What must a temperature logger have and do in order to be considered an “ultimate logger”? Certainly it should be easy to use. How about on-board software to enable you to download a report in minutes? An easy-to-read LCD? Perhaps, some provision in case the trucker forgets to start it?

Such a logger does exist. The new FlashLink® PDF VU In-Transit Logger meets all of those requirements and more. This logger is truly a plug-and-play device. On-board software and a built-in USB connector will automatically produce a detailed trip report. In addition, a large and clear LCD gives quick statistics for immediate receiving decisions. For added protection, DeltaTrak’s patented Shadow Log® feature guarantees a trip report, even when the logger hasn’t been started. And, PDF VU Loggers are available for displaying temperature in either °F (Model 40443) or °C (Model 40444).

The FlashLink PDF VU In-Transit Logger is designed to be the ultimate temperature recorder for ultimate piece of mind when shipping your valuable perishables.

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The Produce Team focuses on the management, measurement, and monitoring of optimal temperature levels from the “field to the fork”.

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