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In a world where almost everyone has a smart phone and other mobile devices, DeltaTrak is moving along with technology by developing mobile temperature logging devices for transit, and one of their newest products, the FlashLink Mini, fits nicely into this trend.

The FlashLink Mini PDF logger is a flash link logger that creates an onboard software pdf file which can be plugged in and downloaded to any PC, tablet, mobile telephone, even a printer with a usb port, anywhere in the world. All of the necessary software is already programmed onto the devise which eliminates the need for any cradles, readers or adapters. This enables the receiver to instantly review the trip report with a temperature history, with the high, the low and the average temperature, so they can make a decision on the receiving dock whether to reject, accept, or decide whether a price adjustment needs to be made, based on temperature excursions.

Along with the FlashLink mini, the company has a variety of other products to suit the individual client's needs. Some of the models do require special FlashLink Data Manager software, but this is provided for free from the DeltaTrak website.

“The company can also customize any of the loggers, for example, if the customer wants a specific number of days, at the factory stage. They are not user programmable, but are custom configurable. We don’t charge anything extra for that, we have a form that they can fill out where they can tell us if they have a specific high or low alarm that they want us to set, the number of days, sample intervals, all of this can be customized.” explains Michelle Alvino, Marketing Manager of DeltaTrak.

Frederick Wu,
President and CEO,

“When speaking about the direction of the company in the future, we are moving away from our pc platform now to an android platform, so things are going to be mobile phone oriented in the future. That is our next trend right now, which will mean a move away from being fixed to a pc.” Frederick Wu, President and CEO

It all started with the In-Transit temperature recorder, which remains one of the most popular items to this day.

“I started out with the in-Transit temperature recorder 26 years ago and we still produce over 1.5 million units. With all of the electronics out there, the world consists of innovators, followers and the people who will never change. It is all part of the paper vs. digital debate and we are still in that transition. All devices serve the same purpose.” shares Frederick Wu, Founder and CEO of DeltaTrak.

The In-Transit temperature recorder is an analog chart recorder. The recorder has a clock and a battery, and the motor starts once the user pulls the tab. The motor tracks elapsed time and produces a strip chart so when the receiver gets the recording, they can just pull out the chart and are able to read the results immediately.

“A lot of people still like the simplicity of having a chart and instantly being able to open it up and look at it right there and then. Although, data loggers are gaining on the analog recorder in terms of sales because customers do like having the electronic data for archiving and traceability. All of the products are traceable, they all have serial numbers that are unique to each trip, whether it is a data logger or a chart recorder.” said Alvino.

For more information:
Frederick Wu
Tel: +1 800 962 6776
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Publication date: 2/12/2016
Author: Heather Goulooze

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