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DeltaTrak will be exhibiting in Booth #1039 at the NGA Show 2019 in San Diego, Feb 25th-26th.

If you’re looking for peace-of-mind for your next product shipment, you might find one of DeltaTrak’s new FlashLink® In-Transit RTL Mini Loggers to be just the product for you. The compact RTL Mini Loggers include a built-in GSM chip to provide not only real-time temperature and humidity data but also the location during the trip.

The shipper is able to access all of this data in real-time throughout the trip via any computing device with Internet access. Real-time trip data is stored and immediately available via the cloud-based service at that is included with the purchase of the logger. There is no need to physically open vehicle doors to access the information.

The real-time information enables immediate cold chain management decisions. Trucks can even be re-routed based on the real-time location data. The units also provide alerts when out-of-range conditions occur.

So if you’re tired of waiting until after the shipment to access your trip information, you might want to check out the new In-Transit RTL Mini Loggers. And, when you’re at the booth, you can also learn more about DeltaTrak’s new Reusable RTL Mini Loggers that you can use trip after trip.

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