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During shipments, data loggers are perhaps most commonly used to monitor temperature. Having a record of when and where temperature abuse occurs can help you to resolve any shipment problems quickly and get paid faster.
But, what about other environmental factors such as humidity, light, and even shock? Measuring the humidity of a shipment is often critical—particularly when shipping certain types of produce, pharmaceuticals, and even desiccants—the very materials that help to protect products from water damage.

For produce shipments, a data logger that monitors humidity can help you to learn and to take action quickly if the commodity is at risk for mold or fungi. A data logger that monitors light can inform you when vehicle doors of your shipment have been opened and when. Monitoring shock will let you know of any problems or potential risks to more fragile shipments. And finally, with real-time location monitoring, you’ll know exactly where your shipment is.

In order to measure all of these factors, DeltaTrak has added a new member to the FlashLink family of In-Transit Real-Time Data Loggers. In addition to location monitoring, the new FlashLink RTL Prime 3G In-Transit Logger #22369 also measures the four environmental parameters: temperature, humidity, light and shock during transport and storage. This logger, like all of the other loggers in this RTL Prime In-Transit family, monitors in real-time—with data automatically uploaded to the 24/7 cloud service. You can track deliveries via the cloud and see real-time route information and conditions in a truck or ship. Additionally, with the new USB port, you can instantly download PDF files as a backup to the web application when there’s no cellular service available.

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