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In-transit temperature loggers provide evidence that your commodity is fresh and that proper temperature has been maintained while the item was in-transit.

With DeltaTrak’s patented Shadow Log® technology, the FlashLink In-Transit Loggers will still record temperatures for your trip--even when you forget to start them! Indeed, the latest DeltaTrak hard data shows that 12% of in-transit loggers are never actually started! If this occurs, without Shadow Log®, there would be no assurance or any written record that the produce was transported at contracted temperatures and that the receivers are getting the food quality they signed up for. But, with so many FlashLink In-Transit Loggers available, which one should you choose?

The following links below should serve as a good reference to help you get started in seeing which FlashLink In-Transit Logger is right for you:

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The Produce Team focuses on the management, measurement, and monitoring of optimal temperature levels from the “field to the fork”.

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