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Keeping your customers and employees healthy is no small matter. As you re-open and re-staff, it is often necessary to check temperatures of those entering the facility. But, how can you do this efficiently and quickly especially when you have large numbers of people entering? Now, it is possible to auto temperature check individuals entering your facility for fever symptoms.

A high-quality, effective tool at your temperature checking station will help you to quickly identify anyone who has a fever. The 15050 ThermoTrace Auto-Check Non-Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer automatically scans and screens individuals before they enter your facility. The high pass rate (up to 50 measurements per minute) will allow businesses to more efficiently manage high traffic times. The 15050 Auto-Check Thermometer is hands-free, so that no attendant is required to operate the unit. This latter benefit can help to minimize cross-infection. If someone measures a temperature outside of the normal range, a loud beep will sound so that the individual can be limited from entering, if necessary.

A brief slide show overview of the 15050 ThermoTrace Auto-Check Non-Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer as well a video showing the 15050 in a typical employee or customer arrival situation at the entrance are now available.

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