Celebrating Women in the Companies We Serve

When considering the contributions of women in the industries that DeltaTrak serves, we are both inspired and awestruck. Women have been instrumental in major developments in the life sciences, food and so many other fields. They bring unique perspectives to problem-solving, business building and trail blazing. Many a successful person attributes the strides they’ve made to a mother or grandmother who charted the course, providing examples of hard work and sound decision-making along the way. Women like Dora Kaplan sold potatoes and onions in the early 1900’s, and passed down her love for the fruit and vegetable business to her grandson, Ted Kaplan, owner of Professional Produce. Supermarket chain, H-E-B, formerly named CC Butt Grocery Store, was founded by Florence Butt with a $60 investment. Her son, Howard E. Butt, eventually took over the company.

Brilliant female minds in the life sciences field, have made the significant achievements which are now enabling an expedited, yet prudent, pandemic response. Francis Kathleen Oldham was a physician and pharmacologist who worked as a compliance officer for the FDA. As a result of Dr. Oldham’s resistance to fast-tracking Thalidomide in the 1960’s, drug companies are required to undergo stringent FDA evaluation before approval is granted. It is also noteworthy that vaccines for other illnesses have been shown to offer a “protective effect” for those infected with the COVID-19 virus. One such vaccine, Bordetella pertussis, created to prevent whooping cough, was developed by three women in the late 1940’s: Chemist Loney Gordon, and doctors Pearl Kendrick and Grace Eldering.

To celebrate the innumerable accomplishments women have authored, we will present a blog series highlighting a few of the many customers DeltaTrak is proud to partner with. We are appreciative of the faith that all of our customers place in us every day, as we provide new and innovative solutions to help them offer the highest quality products to their customers. Vaccine monitoring devices are but one example of the diverse tools DeltaTrak has created to respond to the need for regulatory compliance and most importantly, consumer trust. If you have questions about vaccine loggers or any DeltaTrak products, please contact your dedicated sales professional or call 1-800-962-6776.


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April 04 2021
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Author: Temesa Lewis

Temesa Lewis is a Marketing Communications Writer with DeltaTrak, Inc. Her professional background includes roles in sales/account management, human resources and training.

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  • DeltaTrak’s Real Time Loggers have been a game changer for our trucking program. Having the ability to monitor temperature while trucks are in transit has given us peace of mind knowing the quality of our product has not been compromised. The alert notifications, light sensors, and GPS tracking are just some of the great features that have allowed us to make pro active decisions that have strengthened the integrity of our product. The FlashTrak Cloud Service is easy to use and is a great tool to compare and analyze data. The FlashTrak App is super convenient as well. We have used other reliable DeltaTrak products for many years and we were excited to see these added to their lineup!

    Michelle Oetjens
    Senior Global Logistics Analyst-BFP
    Ball Horticultural Company

  • When it comes to making sense of data (in the supply chain) we have found a partner in DeltaTrak. The fact that I could recharge the real-time logger and the dual batteries made a lot of sense to me. It was user friendly and easy to use. With the uncertainty and complexity of today's supply chain, having an effective chain of custody system is not only a clever idea, but a requirement for effective handling of perishable goods.

    Henry Helms
    CH Logistics, Cape Town, South Africa

  • It is my pleasure to recommend DeltaTrak to your company. During these times of crisis, we were fortunate to work with DeltaTrak to source top of the line Non-Contact forehead thermometers and PPE supplies at a real market price.

    As a healthcare organization, we are a common target for price gouging and abusive practices from several vendors. With DeltaTrak, we found a partner that understands our needs and who always provide world class customer service.

    Luis Landgrave
    Procurement Manager
    Plum Healthcare Group LLC

  • Dear Fred, I would like express my appreciation for the good business relationship we have had during 2018. The excellent work of Mr. Jorge Hurtado has given me the confidence to continue maintaining our commercial relationship with the DeltaTrak brand.

    Mr. Jorge Hurtado's customer service efforts are outstanding, especially in finding solutions to the challenges that may arise in the commercial process. In my opinion Mr. Hurtado's professionalism is a model for any company, especially when the client is thousands of kilometers away from Modesto, CA. I look forward to strengthening our successful relationship into 2019.

    Valentin Bobadilla
    Valentin Bobadilla Centurion E.I.R.L.

  • We received the blankets yesterday and the quality was/is outstanding. Thank you for getting us a superior product, both our flowers and our customers thank you. :)

    Clint C.
    Aladdin's Floral

  • We have provided our trucks with your recorders for Walmart/Sam's and have not had any issues at all. Great recorders, small in size and easy to activate and place in the truck.

    Diego Calderon
    Delano Farms Company

  • Thank you Juan Solorzano for paying us a business call 4 years ago. The DeltaTrak brand is the majority of our Temp Recorder business. ALL our Walmart/Sam's orders carry the DeltaTrak Temp recorders for the past 4 years without a single problem with any Walmart DC. When you have a load of 18 different orders on a single truck and temp recorders on each order, WOW what a savings your DeltaTrak brand has save us. Yes, Walmart has accepted the DeltaTrak Model with no problems.

    Tony Contreras
    The Giumarra Companies, Reedley Cold Storage

  • This upcoming fall will mark our 4th full season using DeltaTrak recorders. They are competitively priced and the customer service is always exceptional. We have never had a customer issue with one of their units and we don’t expect to. We use a wide range of DeltaTrak products and we have been more than happy with every one of them.

    Bruce Densten
    Little Bear Produce