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When transporting a temperature-sensitive load from point A to point B, a shipper often uses a data logger to provide a record of the temperature during transport and to provide proof that no temperature abuse occurred to the shipment. This electronic record is critical for shippers and provides evidence in claims situations to verify if and where any breaks occurred in the cold chain.

Typically, when someone has a claims problem, one of the first questions asked is “What did the data logger show the temperature was during shipment?” For shippers, this information can be critical for them in getting payment for a load that did not arrival at the receiver’s location in perfect condition. In this situation, shippers need strong supporting evidence in order to get paid.

But, what happens if the shipper forgets to start the data logger. Normally no temperature data would be available to support their demand for payment. Indeed, every such instance could lead to a potential claim by the receiver. Fortunately, DeltaTrak has solved this problem.

DeltaTrak’s family of In-Transit Data Loggers feature patented Shadow Log® technology that guarantees temperature data even if the units are never started. Receivers will always have a complete trip history for every load. These reports are used as evidence in claim situations, to verify where breaks occur in the cold chain. Ultimately, Shadow Log® protects you from taking a loss on spoiled product and helps to determine who is responsible.

You might think that forgetting to start the logger is a rare event, but it is not. The latest DeltaTrak hard data shows that 12% of in-transit loggers are never actually started. That’s 12% of the shipments with potential claims.

To learn exactly how Shadow Log can help protect your shipment, your brand, and prevent lost revenue, click here.

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