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Whether you’re looking for ways to monitor the temperature of vaccines stored in refrigerators or freezers or learning the best ways to manage your shipments via truck, boat, or airplane, DeltaTrak has a wealth of resources to assist you.

For example, DeltaTrak recently released a unique real-time in-transit logger that simultaneously tracks the temperature of both the supply air and the cargo temperature in the back of an ocean container or vehicle. You can get up to speed and quickly determine if the product is a fit by watching the demo video to see exactly how it works. Or, perhaps you would just like to read a recent blog on this logger. Maybe you’ve determined that this real-time logger is not quite right for your application. You can then visit the real-time in-transit logger family page to find another logger to better suit your particular need.

If you find that this 22367 logger does fit your application, you can go directly to the product web page and access other resources including a specification sheet and flyer as well as other relevant videos, packaging information and more.

For other resources, you might visit the Resources menu. Here you can register new DeltaTrak products, download software or access the latest white papers or solution briefs. If you’re new to the industry, you might reference the cold chain glossary. You can also visit the DeltaTrak online support forum that enables you to post questions on any issues you’re having or see questions and responses that others have posted.

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The DeltaTrak Corporate Team taps into its years of experience to address some of the broader cold chain industry topics.

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