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Today, it is more important than ever to have supply chain visibility into your shipments. To better help you to monitor your shipment location and condition in real-time, DeltaTrak has expanded its lineup of in-transit real-time loggers. The new FlashLink NOW 4G/5G Real-Time in-Transit Loggers (RTL) represent the next generation of data logging with large LCD screens using 4G/5G LTE with a 2G backup. Models are available for three different trip durations: 50-day, 15-day and 120-day.

All models allow you to monitor location, temperature and light. The model 22392 also monitors shock and humidity. The goal here is to proactively manage shipment location and conditions to reduce the risk of product loss due to temperature excursions. Trip data is accessible 24/7 from the FlashTrak RTL cloud service with a USB option available to download a PDF trip report.

The FlashLink 3G In-Transit RTL Loggers include the unique 22367 model that has been purpose-built for ocean container shipments to allow you to simultaneously track two temperature points in the ocean container. Also available is the 22368 RTL Cryo model for monitoring ultra-low temperatures during storage and transport using dry ice or liquid nitrogen. And, the 22369 model provides 90-day monitoring of temperature, light, humidity and shock.

The FlashLink 22330 and 22362 RTL Loggers round out the line of in-transit real-time loggers and allow you to monitor where your shipment location, condition and when you can expect it to arrive.

For all of these loggers, you can access shipment location and condition via DeltaTrak’s FlashTrak cloud service. FlashTrak is the industry leading cloud service that provides real-time monitoring for location, temperature, humidity, light and shock. With this new release, Maritime Service has been integrated with FlashTrak to provide visibility of ocean container vessel location and ETA to further empower customers with the information they need.

DeltaTrak recently announced a partnership with OPTIMIZ LTD to provide customers with a fast, automated and efficient way to handle freight damage claims. OPTIMIZ LTD is a pioneer in enabling merchants and carriers to collect visual evidence of transit conditions at various points, through remote inspection of containerized cargo and claim resolution. With OPTIMIZ, DeltaTrak not only provides real-time location, temperature, shock and light data but now also offers an online service to expedite the claims process, alleviating the frustration involved in filing a tedious freight claim.

As a quick reference, here is the new FlashLink Real-Time In-Transit Logger lineup to better help you to monitor your shipment location and condition:

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