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With DeltaTrak’s RTL Prime In-Transit Loggers, you will know where your shipment is and if it has suffered a temperature abuse. These loggers provide real-time data and reporting that is viewable in the cloud, helping you make immediate decisions when it comes to your shipments and providing valuable evidence for claims. Trip information is accessible 24/7 from any internet-enabled device.

Recently, DeltaTrak released a data logger purpose-built for ocean container shipments. The FlashLink RTL Prime 3G-2T In-Transit Logger, Model 22367, includes a unique internal and 50ft/15m external probe sensor combination. One logger can monitor supply air temperature in real-time, while also recording temperature at the back of the container. This unique logger provides exporters with a comparison of the real-time supply air temperatures for the front and back of the container on a single graph—from a single logger. Comparing the supply air temperature to the carrier’s temperature data will help determine if cargo damage was caused due to reefer equipment performance or other possible issues, like air flow obstructions.

The 22367 and the other FlashLink Real-Time In-Transit Loggers automatically transmit data via GSM cellular networks to FlashTrak cloud service. FlashTrak is DeltaTrak's industry leading cloud service that provides real-time monitoring for temperature, humidity, light and shock, depending on the real time logger model used.

DeltaTrak recently announced the new FlashTrak Maritime Service to improve supply chain visibility and provide FlashTrak subscribers with end-to-end location and ETA data during ocean transport. The new FlashTrak Maritime Service uses GPS positioning and automatic identification systems to show vessel location and estimated time of arrival. Typically once a container leaves the port, its whereabouts are unknown, but now DeltaTrak customers can confidently move forward with the necessary data to take action. Maritime service is available to customers subscribed to FlashTrak.

DeltaTrak also recently announced a partnership with OPTIMIZ LTD to provide customers with a fast, automated and efficient way to handle freight damage claims. OPTIMIZ LTD is a pioneer in enabling merchants and carriers to collect visual evidence of transit conditions at various points, through remote inspection of containerized cargo and claim resolution. The partnership offers an online service to streamline the claims process, alleviating the frustration of filing tedious paperwork.

Now, you can access the 22367 ocean container video to learn more about how the DeltaTrak unique real-time logger can help you.

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