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Whether you’re shipping by truck, ship, or plane, it’s more important than ever to know where your shipment is and whether it has suffered any environmental abuse. Throughout the globe, supply chain bottlenecks and delays continue with no near-term end in sight. To help you get visibility into your shipment location and condition, DeltaTrak has released a series of real-time in-transit loggers.

With these real-time loggers (RTL), you will know the temperature, humidity and location of your products in real-time. A light sensor offers an extra layer of security during your shipments. You will be able to receive automated alerts when temperature excursions occur and track delivery routes in real-time via the FlashTrak cloud. This cloud service enables you to see real-time conditions in a shipping container or truck as well as real-time route information. Flight mode allows for logger use on airplanes. These in-transit loggers also offer the benefits of a “2-in-1 logger” with both real-time reporting and a PDF backup report when there's no cellular service available.

DeltaTrak’s real-time in-transit loggers are easy to use and are included on a highly visible shipping card or sleeve which makes the units easy to locate inside a trailer, container or airplane. Each unit comes charged and ready-to-use. Shippers can simply start the logger with the one-button activation and place it in their loads.

This new line of FlashLink® Real-Time In-Transit Data Loggers is designed to save you time via better management of delivery routes and reduce labor with automated monitoring. You can also archive data for FSMA, HACCP and regulatory compliance.

So which FlashLink real-time in-transit data logger do you choose? It really depends on your type of shipment and what you want to monitor. While all FlashTrak In-Transit Loggers provide location information and monitor temperature and light, the 22369 model also monitors humidity and shock. The FlashTrak 22367 RTL In-Transit Logger has been purpose-built for ocean container shipments to allow you to simultaneously track two temperature points in the ocean container. For monitoring ultra-low temperatures during storage and transport using dry ice or liquid nitrogen, you might choose the FlashTrak 22368 RTL Cryo In-Transit Logger. Different RTL in-transit models are available for 15, 60 and 90 day trip duration. Some models come with shipping cards and others with utility sleeves.

The following links below should serve as a good reference to help you get started in seeing which FlashLink Real-Time In-Transit Logger is right for you:

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