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Recently, DeltaTrak released the new FlashTrak Connect Mobile Application. The new app builds on DeltaTrak’s best-in-class FlashTrak software. Now, FlashTrak software is available both for cloud service applications as well as mobile applications via FlashTrak Connect. The FlashTrak Connect Mobile App is a new component to enhance our FlashTrak service and provide added convenience for shippers and receivers. The app is available for free download from the App Store or Google Play and will offer users the flexibility to check trip data from anywhere.

Who will the app benefit? Anyone using FlashLink real-time loggers and BLE single-use loggers; shippers and receivers; importers and exporters; and those involved in cold chain transport with multiple check points. The real-time data allows you to take immediate corrective action while the product is in transit.

The app is also particularly convenient on receiving docks because you can get trip information and know what conditions the products were exposed to even before a load arrives. Shipment data is retrieved by entering a trip number or scanning the barcode of a DeltaTrak logger. Multiple shipments can be accessed with FlashTrak Connect by entering your FlashTrak Cloud Service account credentials

For ocean shipments, FlashTrak Maritime Service adds the vessel location in real-time, while the shipment is on the ocean. This service lets you know exactly where a container is, if it has left port, the exact location during the voyage, when it is getting close the port, any delays, and when it docks. Most importantly, it gives an accurate time of arrival so you can efficiently schedule inspections, customs clearance, land transportation, and other post arrival activities.

FlashTrak Connect will work on both mobile phones and tablets. Once data has been retrieved, you can easily forward it to the key stakeholders by simply taking a screenshot and sending it via text or email. To learn more, you can visit the FlashTrak Connect Mobile App web page or contact your local DeltaTrak representative.

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