Real Time Monitoring

  • House Passes Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 2021

    On December 8th, H.R. 4996-Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 2021 easily passed in the House of Representatives on by a vote of 364 to 60. The Act is designed to strengthen the overseas supply chain, support the growth of U.S. exports and eliminate unfair business practices. If this Act becomes law, it will help to ensure that ocean carriers no longer refuse cargo bookings for U.S. exports and that shipping carriers and marine terminal operators certify that any shipping container late fees are fair and comply with federal regulations.

  • New FlashLink 4G/5G Loggers Offer Best-in-Class Shipment Monitoring

    With the ongoing challenges throughout the supply chain, DeltaTrak is continuing to provide new and innovative loggers and cloud service products to help you to get maximum visibility into your shipments.

  • Access the DeltaTrak Website for Your Real-Time Monitoring Resources

    To help you better monitor your shipments in real-time, a visit to the DeltaTrak website could be just the trip you need. From videos to blogs to real-time logger (RTL) product information, the DeltaTrak website has a set of resources to give you increased visibility into the location and condition of your shipments in the supply chain.

  • U.S. Government Initiatives to Improve Supply Chain Resiliency, Infrastructure Security, and Consumer Information & Access: First Half of 2022 (with Infographic)

    Responding to the risks posed by the combined threats of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, skyrocketing gas prices, and critical supply shortages, the United States federal government is taking unprecedented steps to strengthen the resilience of the supply chain and protect American families. The Biden-Harris administration is focused on improving the agility of federal and state governments to respond to supply shortages by encouraging competition, diversity, and new entrants.

  • Current State of the Supply Chain

    Over the past two and a half years since the first COVID-19 cases emerged, the global supply chain has experienced a myriad of obstacles—and continues to. From manufacturing to ocean shipping to trucking, just about every challenge that could occur, has occurred. Perhaps, however, there are some rays of light starting to emerge for the supply chain.

  • Purpose-Built Real-Time Logger for Ocean Container Shipments

    With DeltaTrak’s RTL Prime In-Transit Loggers, you will know where your shipment is and if it has suffered a temperature abuse. These loggers provide real-time data and reporting that is viewable in the cloud, helping you make immediate decisions when it comes to your shipments and providing valuable evidence for claims. Trip information is accessible 24/7 from any internet-enabled device.

  • Looking at the New DeltaTrak In-Transit Real-Time Logger Lineup

    Today, it is more important than ever to have supply chain visibility into your shipments. To better help you to monitor your shipment location and condition in real-time, DeltaTrak has expanded its lineup of in-transit real-time loggers. The new FlashLink NOW 4G/5G Real-Time in-Transit Loggers (RTL) represent the next generation of data logging with large LCD screens using 4G/5G LTE with a 2G backup. Models are available for three different trip durations: 50-day, 15-day and 120-day.

  • Selecting the Best In-Transit Real-Time Logger for Your Needs

    Whether you’re shipping by truck, ship, or plane, it’s more important than ever to know where your shipment is and whether it has suffered any environmental abuse. Throughout the globe, supply chain bottlenecks and delays continue with no near-term end in sight. To help you get visibility into your shipment location and condition, DeltaTrak has released a series of real-time in-transit loggers.

  • Real-Time Temperature Monitoring Allows Staff to Take Immediate Action, Preventing Damage to COVID Vaccines

    COVID-19 vaccines, like all vaccines, are extremely sensitive to temperature variations, and require that specific temperature parameters are maintained. To help vaccine providers adhere to the temperature requirements, public health departments strongly recommend the utilization of continuous monitoring digital data loggers. Some public health departments are also recommending real-time vaccine monitoring.